David Lee Winston Miller

I can no longer keep up with the volume of mail I get.

If I have not had the pleasure of meeting you: Because of the number of articles I have on the WWW (I have attempted to have them extensively indexed and linked), and the time-consuming, complex nature of correspondence about many of the subjects I write about, I will probably not be able to respond to your email. However, I really appreciate any comments, positive or negative, about any of my articles and will read them with great interest. Please accept my thanks for your time in advance even though I can't respond. I do make some rare exceptions, responding to people who are offering to do serious volunteer work for animals etc... when I can. (I refer the email to others if I know where to send it). Sorry about this.

Friends, and anyone interested in discussing collaborative research (on hold for now) in the computer and information sciences may respond through my resume page or through my email address:

Please mention which article you are writing about.