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Most of my professional work has involved the design of industrial control systems--including discrete logic systems, PLC controlled systems, computer controlled systems and hybrid systems. My graduate studies have focused on computer science. However, I do have some additional experience in mechanical systems which is reflected by my work history and the patents below. In addition to design and engineering experience, I have limited experience licensing technology, working with patent attorneys, reviewing legal documents, and writing legal documents (including contracts).


United States Patent # 4422833, Additional listing of # 4422833, Inventor 1: David L. W. Miller, Inventor 2: Billy P. Freeman, Assignee: Free Flow, Inc., Title: Pneumatic transfer system and a fluid flow control device therefor.

Commonwealth of Australia Patent # 539063, Actual inventors: Billy P. Freeman and David Lee Winston Miller, Patentee: Free Flow, Inc., Title of Invention: Pneumatic Transfer System and a Fluid Flow Control Device Therefor.

Canadian Patent # 1185299, (72): David L. W. Miller and Billy P. Freeman, (73): Granted to Free Flow, Inc., (54): Pneumatic Transfer System and a Fluid Flow Control Device Therefor.

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