Volunteer Resume of
David Lee Winston Miller

I do not presently have exact dates for some of the following volunteer activities. I am not formally associated with any of the following organizations at the present time. However, I do continue to extensively write (web articles, letters to editors, and letters to elected officials) as an advocate on issues of humane and scientific interest.

Note to employers: I have often been associated with issue-centered organizations. Some may view this a liability. However, I am very proud of my volunteer work. More importantly, my volunteer experiences, which include incorporating, organizing and managing organizations, (and even a little computer work) should be an asset to any professional endeavor. My public relations experience is particularly important because it has involved sensible persuasion and negotiation in very difficult, emotionally-charged conflicts. Although I will always try to "win" when faced with "zero-sum games", I have tried in all of my positions to look for common ground, conflict resolution and "win-win" solutions to problems. (I believe that many who have been on the opposite side of these issues would support my claim of civility.) I feel that positive, solution-oriented strategies are fundamental in business and management.

First President, Co-founder, Spokesperson, and Member of the Board of Directors, East Tennessee Vegetarian Society. (August, 1983 to December 1985 as president, to November 1987 as spokesperson, and to March 1988 as board member. Also wrote a few Web articles published by ETVS in 1996.) I did extensive organizational work for this 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation. My work (which was often extensively shared with other volunteers) included formal incorporation, organizational startup, management of board meetings, events organizing, public relations (including radio, television and newspaper interviews), database design and management, bulk mail operations, newsletter paste-up (including writing and using a piece of software that was, essentially, a Dark Ages version of desktop publishing), other printed materials design, limited accounting responsibilities (and IRS 501(c)3 nonprofit application and compliance), and integration of a short-lived (I moved out of state) telephone information system that was mainly used by another nonprofit that I also volunteered for. I also temporarily served as the editor of the East Tennessee Vegetarian News (now, the Vegetarian Voice, not to be confused with the national publication by that name). During much of this period of volunteer work, I remained spokesperson for the organization (until November of 1987). The organization remains highly successful.

Volunteer (research), Tennesseans Against Pound Seizure. (Approx. 1985 - 1986.) I extensively researched (along with another volunteer) medical research journals for evidence that led to important changes in animal research practices in a government-owned facility. I later employed (along with other volunteers) this research technique in another campaign (with the Tennessee Network for Animals) that stopped the experimental use of lost pets originating from a poorly-run Tennessee pound. The research also included a surprise inspection (and subsequent report and documentation) of conditions at the pound. In the end, the researchers agreed (privately) with our position that the animals were not suitable for research needs because they were not properly pre-conditioned at the pound. (For example, some animals were being given extremely scummy water or, in some cases, no water at all). I felt the outcome was a win-win ending for all and the county commission became aware of conditions at this poorly funded pound.

Member, Board of Directors, Tennessee Humane Association. (Fall, 1985 - approx. 1988.) Faithfully attended board meetings and organizational meetings of Tennessee's most important humane organization. Undertook some phone lobbying responsibilities. Charged with responsibility of study and recommendation concerning the hiring of the position of State Investigator.

Advisory Board Member, National Alliance for Animal Legislation. (Approx. 1987 - June 1988. Some additional, very informal work in approx. 1989.) I did quite of bit lobbying as a local volunteer, and also successfully organized local citizens in workshops and lobbying trips to Washington, D.C. However, the Advisory Board part of my volunteer work was very minor. (Note: I'm not sure that the "Advisory Board" was a formal entity in the early days of the NAAL.)

First President, Co-founder and Member of the Board of Directors, Tennessee Network for Animals. (July, 1986 - approx. December, 1988.) (Also see Tennesseans Against Pound Seizure.) I did extensive startup work (along with other volunteers) for this 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, including several issue-oriented campaigns and startup assistance for new, related organizations. My responsibilities generally resembled those I had with the East Tennessee Vegetarian Society. (See above.) Often also served as spokesperson. Others deserve far more credit for the growth and continued success of the Tennessee Network for Animals.

Member, Board of Directors, Knox County Humane Society. (December 1985 to approx. 1988.) Faithfully attended board meetings and organizational meetings providing input into an already well-managed organization.

Volunteer, Other organizations and causes: In my lifetime, I have performed volunteer work (most of which was extremely minor) for a number of diverse organizations and causes (churches, Muscular Dystrophy Association, UNICEF, Blaine Tennessee Arts Festival, Girl Scouts, 4H, FARM, EarthSave and others). However, I feel the most important things one can do are in the "Random Acts of Kindness" category. Presently, my wife and I care for our five elderly cats which were all once strays or shelter animals. They think we are great volunteers! (Or, to quote someone else, great "can openers with legs"). I hope that a few humans we've met along the way would also judge us to have been, at least, occasionally kind.

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