Mountain GoatOlympic Mountain Goats -- Kill them?

Background Information


The Federal Government is considering killing all of the mountain goats in the Olympic National Park. It claims that the animals are not native to the Olympic Mountains and that taxpayer funds must be used to hunt them down with helicopters.

The Park claims that mountain goats were introduced to the area in the 1920's. However, evidence of these animals was observed and published in 1844 and 1917. In addition, the goats were reported by Forest and Stream in 1890 to be "abundant on the Olympian Range mountains." Finally, one expedition reported by the Seattle Press in 1890 and another expedition reported by National Geographic in 1896 observed mountain goats. Despite revelations of multiple sources of evidence, the Park Service sticks to its original position.

A linked document, Mountain Goat Management and Risks, makes some very important points:

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